304 no es 309


Alberto Lezaca creates a dialogue with the story La trama celeste (The celestial plot) written by the Argentine Adolfo Bioy Casares in 1948. This is a story that comes from another, or perhaps a simultaneous and parallel narration. Captain Morris. Expert fighter pilot, travels between multiples parallel realities. After a test flight he lands in a different Buenos Aires from the one he left; disoriented, he cannot understand that his location is incorrect, improbable. The difference between the city he left and the one he has arrived are subtle, almost imperceptible. A theory of plurality of words proposed by Bioy Casares makes us doubt the certainty to which we are accustomed when facing reality. 304 no es 309 (304 is not 309) is an installation consisting of an architectural intervention, painting, sculpture and photography. Simultaneous, almost identical realities move among themselves; these movements describe impossible intersections. Some objects are located in the middle of two words, a location that makes them visitors and residents at the same time. [1]



Do you believe in a parallel reality, how do you relate it to your practice and work?


Yes, I absolutely believe in a parallel reality. What’s more, I believe that there are many parallel realities, I believe that reality is a human invention and, in the same sense, this invention can allow many other realities. One of the realities with which I have been working is electronic reality, which is not only a reality but also a materiality, it is different when I am working with wood, whit painting, when I work with images of synthesis that give me other materiality. My work is constantly looking for an encounter between these two materialities then, yes I believe there is a parallel reality. My work is divided into two blocks, one is the physical space and the other is the virtual space, there are things that happen in a space and there are others that are returned between these two spaces, it is a game that allows me to built reality and at the moment it is what interest me the most. [2]


[1] Exhibition catalog “Hacia una nueva orilla”. NC-Arte, Bogotá. Curator Claudia Segura

[2] Transcript interview


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