According to the matter


Colombian artist Alberto Lezaca’s work explores the potential of a diverse range of media, including installation, digital graphics, photography, video, sculpture and painting. In his most recent projects, he delves into the concept of the prototype, understood as a primal idea that shapes the objects and devices that surround us. Lezaca is also interested in language as a cultural construction; mainly in terms of how language determines the way we understand the material world by creating categories and mental structures. Rooted in technology, architecture and design, Lezaca dialogues with specific moments and references in art history. For example, his project “Concrete Irregularity” is inspired by Israeli artist Absalon (Meir Eshel), while his project “Image-as-Image” incorporate newspaper document photographs related to artists such as Duchamp, Reinhardt, Malevich and Rothko, among others. In this project, he reconstructs the physical scene where the action of the original photograph took place and digitally models it. Regarding to this project, Lezaca states, “I am seeking to reveal the real image behind these historical archives, this project is an exercise of memory reconstruction“.


Volumetric and spatial concerns and constructed habitats in relation to the human experience are some of his conceptual interests. In Lezaca’s own words: “I use and refer to architectural and design elements, both in a physical and psychological way, in order to create ‘mental spaces’ where the spectator is invited to enter another world configuration”. The idea of utopia and imagination and the way humans design their objects and spaces are of paramount importance in his work. Lezaca’s practice shows his disdain for replicating conventional spatial relationships and illustrating our preconceptions of reality. Instead he strives to speak to the idea of instability and enables the construction of new spaces, objects and connections within our minds.


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