Certainty listening “My work explores the potential of a diverse range of media including installation, video, sculpture, computer graphics and photography. In my most recent work, I see it is influenced by a strong interest in the concept of “prototype”, understood as a primal idea that shapes the objects and devices that surround us. I am also interested in language as a cultural construction; mainly in terms of how language determines the way we understand the material world by creating categories and mental structures. That is the reason why my practice seeks to find a space where established systems of communication break down and gradually disappear, through the delicate articulation of the invisible. This is achieved by drawing attention to overlooked forms, or by giving shape to the imaginary. Specifically, I use and refer to architectural and design elements, both in a physical and psychological way, in order to create “mental spaces” where the spectator is invited to enter another world configuration.

Such work departs from in depth research and dialogue with the history of art and architecture. My particular approach is related to aesthetic and historical problems. By using architectural models and industrial design prototypes, I am trying to discover the utopian concepts behind the vision of those who project and design the objects that accompany us in our lives. In my most recent project “The penguin that dreamed of an architect”, which was developed through a dialogue between London and Bogota, I focused on the development of 1930’s modernist architecture in both cities. This concentrated on exploring its social memory and the relationship it has with its inhabitants. It is important to state that I have no interest in representing or illustrating the reality from which the material for my creations is being taken. On the contrary, through my work I hope to create new images and spaces that generate a certain level of vertigo and instability. Furthermore, I seek by the creation of “mental spaces” through the exposure of something new, to create a breakage and a disconnection of the spectator with reality.

My work has been strongly related with technology and its effects in terms of the actual configuration and state of the world order. I have been interested in technological tools such as 3D rendering engines in which I found a very potent medium for creation, since virtual reality presents itself as an “ideal” space in which the way we understand the world today is projected. That is one of the main reasons for my permanent use of images and digital processes. On the other hand, I have incorporated sculpture as a point of contact with both virtual and electronic images over the years. In the latest of my installations, I have been particularly interested in the encounter of the two-dimensional image (video, drawing, 3D rendering and photography) with the sculptural materialization of prototypes or model objects that synthesize cultural archetypes.”


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .




Alberto Lezaca

Lives and works in Bogotá






MFA. Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá, CO



Bachelor of Fine Arts. Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, CO






Beca movilidad Internacional para Artistas, Ministerio de Cultura, Bogotá, Colombia, CO


ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCY at GASWORKS. Gasworks International Artist Residency Programme. London, UK


Premio Estímulo a creadores. Artrónica II Muestra Internacional de Artes Electrónicas. Embajada de Francia, Bogotá, CO


Premio Philips de Arte para Jóvenes Talentos, Categoría Arte Digital. Premio Latinoamericano. Galería Marta Traba. Memorial de América, São Paulo, BR

Primer Premio Philips de Arte para Jóvenes Talentos, Arte Digital. Premio Nacional, Bogotá, CO






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of London, London, UK

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2010 – Presente

Profesor Asociado, Escuela de Cine y Televisión, Facultad de Artes,

Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá, CO